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So you’re selling your property and you need a real estate agent, but how do you choose the right one? How do you know which agent is going to get you the best price for your home? And how do you make sure you don’t have to spend a small fortune in agent fees?

The answer: your listing is valuable to agents, so why not ask them to compete for it.

Negotiagent is a marketplace of real estate agents, where you can see sales professionals in your local area and find out exactly what they’re prepared to offer you. It allows sellers to harness the power of competition and make sure you choose the right agent at the best possible price. Every property is different, that’s why it’s worth negotiating with agents to make sure you’re getting maximum value out of your valuable listing. And by keeping your contact details confidential, you can avoid awkward in-person negotiation when choosing an agent.

The process

See local agents in your area and shortlist who you'd like to deal with.

  1. Upload some photos of your property, a description and what you think its worth. (Agents won’t see your name or address.)
  2. Set expectations around commission and up-front advertising costs, or ask agents to hit you with their best shot.
  3. Your potential listing will be sent to local area specialists while you remain anonymous.
  4. View the profiles of agents who register interest in your listing and choose up to 5 you’d like to deal with.
  5. View their personalised responses, see what they have to offer, negotiate the details and choose who’s the best for you.
By the time you meet, the hard part’s done.


Negotiagent doesn’t pick winners. The system sends your anonymous listing to agents who specialise in your area regardless of if they have subscribed to this website or not. Sellers then get to decide who they want to deal with from a list of agents who have expressed interest. Negotiagent is a tool to match you with high quality local agents, but the choice is always yours. Agents compete. Sellers decide. It’s as simple as that.


Harness the power of competition

Real estate agents know that Negotiagent is a competitive marketplace and competition drives value. Just as agents compete in real life for your listing, they can now compete online. The advantage is, sellers can see what more local agents are offering and negotiate with more agents in less time.


Agents will present to you personally, based on your requirements. How thoroughly do they address your needs? Do they show that they care? If you call a local agent and ask them to come out to your property for a quote, you probably won’t find out their fees until they’re sitting at your table trying to sign you up. Negotiagent requires agents to quote their commissions up-front. It puts sellers in control of the process, while still allowing agents to pitch on individual jobs.


You want an agent who’s great at the face-to-face sell and who’s going to get you the highest possible price for your property. But there’s no way you can take on an expert when you’re negotiating their commission, that’s what they do for a living! By using Negotiagent, you can get the best deal from your agent without having to be an expert negotiator.


Negotiagent allows you to anonymously contact dozens of real estate agents in your area and then negotiate all the key details of your job. You can choose which agents you want to hear from and get personalised pitches based on your individual property, while keeping your identity private.

We’re confident that through the process, you’ll choose the right local agent. But it’s not just about choosing the best person. With Negotiagent you’ll also be able to make sure you’re happy with their strategy and you’re paying the right amount for their services.

The game-changer is competition. Negotiagent harnesses the power of competition to ensure you’ve got the best possible deal with the best possible real estate agent.

Agents Compete. Sellers Decide. It’s as simple as that.

Negotiagent doesn’t pick winners, the system allows all agents in your area to express interest in your anonymous listing, whether they have subscribed to this website or not. Sellers then get to decide who they want to deal with from the list of agents who have expressed interest. Negotiagent is a tool to match you with high quality local agents, and the choice is always yours.

Negotiagent is a genuine marketplace of local real estate agents and you’re in the driver’s seat.

From the beginning, you can see the real estate agents who will be contacted about your anonymous job.

Negotiagent puts sellers in control. You decide what you’re looking for, you choose which agents you want to pitch, you can negotiate all the details and in the end, you decide who is best for you. We don’t just give you a choice of three agents. You can genuinely see the real estate agent market for what it is and take control of getting the best deal, while remaining comfortably private.

Our research also indicates you may actually pay more in agent commissions if you use a service that claims to FIND you the best agent. That’s because, unlike Negotiagent, those services take a share of agents’ commissions. A survey of almost 500 Australian agents found 35.5% of those that engaged with referral services pushed up their commission price to cover the costs. We don’t take a share of agent commissions, so you get the best possible deal.

Yes. Real estate agents don’t need to subscribe to Negotiagent to respond to your job, which means almost all agents in all suburbs in Australia can provide personalised pitches. If you put the word out on the platform that you’re looking for an agent, the Negotiagent system will identify the sales professionals in your area and you can begin shortlisting right away. The only exceptions are some remote and regional areas, where there may not be enough local agents to compete for your job. If you live in a remote area, we suggest typing in your location and seeing how many agents appear before proceeding through the process.

Many sellers have a real estate agent in mind before they decide to list their property. It may be an agent you have used before, or a personal recommendation through family or friends. This doesn’t mean you can’t use Negotiagent to work out the best possible terms with them. If they work mainly in your local area, it’s likely they will appear when you type in your suburb. But if they happen to be further afield, you can search our agent database and add them to your list.

It’s also a good idea to compare your first choice against other specialists in your area, see how well they pitch and what they’re offering, before going ahead with your decision. That way you’ll have peace of mind when you eventually sign with your chosen real estate agent.

The old rule of thumb is that you should get three quotes for any significant job and signing up with a real estate agent is no different. But with the internet making it easier and quicker to see what’s on offer, we think you should cast further afield. That’s why we allow you to shortlist from potentially dozens of agents in your area. When it comes to the nitty gritty of getting a personalised pitch and negotiating the details, we recommend choosing between three and five agents to shortlist. That’s manageable and will give you the best possible results.

Negotiagent is a free service for sellers. That’s because you hold the item of value: the potential for agents to make a large commission when they sell your property. Agents know this and are willing to pay a small fee to pitch for the work, which means sellers don’t have to pay anything at all. However, Negotiagent does make sure you’re not just being contacted by agents paying for a lead. That’s why we ask agents if they’re willing to pay when they express interest, but they are only billed if you shortlist them as a favourite agent you’d like to deal with.

Negotiagent asks real estate agents to agree to a small fee, when they express interest in a seller’s listing. But they will only be charged the fee when sellers decide to shortlist them as a favourite agent. It means agents can express interest in an unlimited number of local listings, but they only pay the fee when they have a genuine shot at winning the job.

Most importantly, the pool of local agents you can negotiate with isn’t limited and as a seller, you’re always in control.

Negotiagent connects agents with motivated sellers. With our system, they receive leads in their inbox rather than having to go doorknocking or advertising for work. Agents have the chance to pitch and discuss seller’s needs, just as they would in real life.

Negotiagent doesn’t give out your address, phone number, email or full name until you’re ready. To help agents provide accurate and meaningful communication, our system gives an approximate location of your property within your suburb, without revealing your precise address. Once you’ve shortlisted three to five agents, you may decide to share your property address, so they can get a better idea of its value and you’ll have more leverage to negotiate the best possible deal.

Either way, through the whole process your level of privacy is always entirely up to you.

We understand if there is a particular agent or agency you don’t want to pitch for your job. For example, your property may already be on the market and you’re considering changing agents. Our process allows you to easily exclude agents or agencies in your area. At the same time, we don’t recommend limiting the total pool of agents too much, as it will also limit your results.

Negotiagent can be used by all property owners to set expectations and book meetings with real estate agents. If you’ve already called an agent, there’s no reason why you can’t have a broader look at agents in your area and see what they’ll offer. Negotiagent can also be used to anonymously find a new agent if your property is already on the market, and your current agent’s contract has expired. The only sellers who cannot use Negotiagent, are those who have already signed a legally binding contract with an agent, that is currently in place.

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