Six things to watch out for when choosing a real estate agent.

Date posted: November 14, 2018

When it comes to selling your home, choosing the right real estate agent is a crucial decision that you simply can’t afford to get wrong. It’s pretty simple, the wrong agent could cost you tens of thousands of dollars from the value of your home. It’s important to check out multiple agents and see how they compare. And whether you’re looking now, or about to begin your search, these are the six things you must remember when choosing an agent.

Is the agent just telling you what you want to hear?

Agents are masters at building rapport and developing friendly relationships with clients quickly, but there’s good reason to be wary. Some agents will come to your home and point out all the positive features then agree to the price you suggest or even push for a higher list price. That may be the right approach, but it may also be a serious mistake. If your list price is too high, you will struggle to sell and if your property is on the market too long, it reduces desirability in the mind of a buyer and you’ll end up with less in the end. An agent who is realistic and comes to you with market evidence, is always better than an agent who is just trying to please you to sign you up.

Is your agent a top seller and does that make them the right choice?

The sales stats show they’re successful and you want a successful agent. What’s not to like? Well think about what sales success actually means. It’s a measure of how many properties were sold (their aim), NOT that the agent got the best possible price (your aim).

Will your chosen agent be the one representing your property?

It’s reasonably common for top selling agents to assign the actual selling of the home, or at least buyer appointments, to a support agent in their office. That’s not to say that agents can’t work really well in teams, with different skill sets and different roles. But if you’re sold on an agent because of the way they present, you might want to make sure they’ll be the one doing the job for you.

Have you met enough agents?

The old rule of thumb is to get three quotes but dealing with three different salesmen in your home, three times over, can be daunting. They’re master negotiators for a reason and they will try to push you into going with them. The best bet is to use a comparison site like Negotiagent to reach out to a range of local agents anonymously and see what they will personally do for you.

Is your agent up-front about their fees?

Many agents won’t tell you what they cost over the phone. Instead they’ll say they need to see your property and then try to pressure sell you when you’re face to face. Negotiagent allows you to see agents’ fees before you meet and even ask for a better deal. Setting expectations up-front means you’ll feel more in control when you meet.