Key tips on how to interview a real estate agent

Date posted: November 14, 2018

If you’re selling a home you will need to talk to at least one real estate agent before you list the property on the market and most people will get a few quotes before they decide on the local expert who’s right for them. So what should you ask? And what’s the best way to go about it? Here’s a short guide before you take the plunge.

1. Check out local agents online before meeting in person.

Meeting agents in person can be a tough process. Not because they’re not nice, professional people but because there will likely be some level of pressure. You might not be ready to commit then and there, and the agents purpose is to convince you that you should choose them and generally their objective is to do that on the spot. Fortunately, with comparison websites like negotiagent.com.au you can interview agents online and even set your key expectations up-front. It’s important to have multiple local agents pitch for your business in order to make meaningful comparisons, and doing it online will make them much easier to compare before you make that key decision.

2. Remember this is a job interview.

It might not feel like it, and you may or may not be used to it, but meeting an agent is a job interview. You will be paying them a large sum and they will be working for you: that makes you the boss! As with any job interview process it’s important to approach it with a clear strategy on what you want to achieve and have a list of set questions that you expect all candidates to answer. If you’re unsure what those questions should be negotiagent.com.au can guide you through the process. You’ll end up with consistent answers and be able to compare agents in a more scientific way. And as a bonus, when you’ve got their personal pitch you can then negotiate the details to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

3. Strategy, strategy, strategy.

Getting a real estate agent to agree to an affordable commission structure is one goal but your most important goal is getting the best price for your property. After all, if the agent achieves a high price, you’ll be less worried about their share. The key to getting the best price is the agent’s strategy. How much will they list your property on the market for and why? Will they opt for an auction, fixed price, or price range? How and on what mediums will they advertise, to get the word out that your property’s on the market? All of these questions need answers before you can make an informed decision on which agent you like best. With Negotiagent you can get personalised answers to key questions before you decide which agent or agents you’d like to meet.

4. Take your time.

You’re the one who chooses which agent to employ, it’s your decision. But calling agents for an appraisal is likely to result in either subtle or overt pressure to sign you up on the spot, after all their goal is to win your listing and if they leave without signing you up, their goal’s at risk. With Negotiagent you can ask for personalised pitches without revealing details like your full address or phone number which means you can compare agents and then make the decision when you’re ready, without feeling any pressure.

Ultimately, choosing the right real estate agent can be a really good experience that leads to a successful transaction and a new phase in your life. Using Negotiagent to interview and choose your agent, will give you confidence that you’ve chosen wisely.